How to make an application

The information we collect will help us locate the official records. We understand that these matters took place a long time ago and that you may not remember a lot of detail. Please complete the application form as best you can.

Appropriate representatives can submit an application in respect of a person who is deceased, or lacks legal capacity to make an application. Note that there are strict requirements around who is an appropriate representative.

We recommend that you read these questions and answers before completing an application.

There are several ways to prepare and submit an application. You can choose to apply online or submit via email or post.

Apply online

You can submit your application online by completing the online form and uploading supporting documents.

Please have your personal information and supporting documentation files ready before starting as the form needs to be completed in a single session and cannot be saved. This includes offence information and documents confirming your identity.

Post or email your application

You can post or email your application by

  • downloading the application form (PDF, 422.6 KB) then complete and post it, or
  • collect a hardcopy of the application form from Service Tasmania then complete and post it, or
  • completing the application form online, print it then post it, or
  • completing the application form online, save then email it.

Remember to sign your form before posting or emailing.

Supporting documents

Supporting documents may include:

  • Proof of identity documents (mandatory)
  • Documents supporting the relationship of the appropriate representative to the applicant
  • Statements or documents relating to the charge.

All applicants (or appropriate representatives) need to provide certified proof of identity documents to establish the right to make the application and to access personal information.

Read more about confirming your identity.


The consent section of the form must be completed. This consent allows us to make enquiries about this matter on the applicant’s behalf and request a criminal history check.