Expungement of historical offences application form

I am making this application

Part 1 Applicant details:

Provide details of the person applying to have their charge/s expunged

Part 2 Appropriate representative

You only need to complete part 2 if you are applying on behalf of a deceased person or on behalf of an applicant who lacks legal capacity to make an application.

Relationship to the applicant (listed in order of priority)

Documentation to confirm the relationship to the applicant should be provided if possible. This may include a marriage certificate (or details such as place or date of marriage), registration of a relationship, birth certificate or legal documentation.

Part 3 How would you like us to contact you?

Part 4 Historical offences

Provide details of the historical offences as best you can. This information will help locate the official records and other persons involved.

Part 5 Confirmation of identity

Confirmation of identity is required for the applicant (or for the appropriate representative if applying for the applicant).

You can confirm your identity by attaching a certified copy of an Australian driver’s licence with your correct name and address details. The licence can be expired for up to two years.

Alternatively, you can attach certified copies of three other documents that confirm your name and address. The confirming your identity page has details of acceptable combinations of documents, and how to obtain a certified copy.

Part 6 Consent and declaration

I give my consent to the following:

  • the Secretary and officers of the Department of Justice (the Department) requesting and checking criminal history and any other information that may be relevant in determining this application on my behalf or on behalf of the person I am applying for.
  • employees or contractors of the agencies and courts listed below disclosing and releasing any records held by them relating to me (if applying in person) or the person who is the subject of this application (if applying on behalf of another), to the Secretary and officers of the Department about the facts and circumstances surrounding the charge, investigation, arrest, detention, prosecution, court hearing, court findings, sentence or other relevant information relating to any offences that may be subject of this application.
    • Any Tasmanian Court
    • Tasmania Police
    • The Director of Public Prosecutions
    • The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
    • Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office
    • Any other government agency
  • information relevant to this application being provided to the Secretary and officers of the Department for the purpose of assessment of this application.

I declare that:

  • I am the available person with the relationship highest in the order of priority of section 6(3) of the Expungement of Historical Offences Act 2017 (if applying in respect of a person that has died or lacks legal capacity to make an application)
  • all of the information provided as part of this application is true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Supporting documents

The following supporting documents should be attached to your application

  • Proof of identity documents (mandatory)
  • Documents supporting the relationship of the appropriate representative to the applicant (if relevant)
  • Statements or documents relating to the charge (if available)

More information

Information on the application process and the scheme is available at:

Submitting your application

There are three ways to submit your application.

  1. If you have attached your supporting documents, you can now complete the application process by ticking the consent box and pressing the submit button.
  2. If you prefer, you can print the completed application form using the print button and post or email with your supporting documents.(details above)
  3. A blank application form (PDF, 422.6 KB) can also be downloaded and completed using a pen.